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1800 Computers provides total remote computer repair and online PC support by getting a certified expert to address all your PC-related worries. We specialise in remote PC support – the experts connect to your machine remotely to turn fix your PC issues. The online PC help that we provide, by means of chat-based support sessions, would help you understand your computer issues and then while you sit back and watch, we resolve and protect your computer from further issues. With online PC support from 1800 Computers, your computer support technician is at your finger tips… always!

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To Transform Your Troubled PC

Who’s 1800 Computers? A Sydney based IT company, a technology services & solutions provider for general public and businesses. Highly customer focused company working towards providing best possible service at most reasonable prices–high class concierge service of Technical Support for all your computer issues, available via phone or live chat at low costs. 1800 Computers provides expert computer diagnostic and repair services to maximise productivity.

Cost starting from $55, Save time and money by requesting a remote support.

1800 Computers Remote Support
Simple Flat Fee Per Session

Comprehensive support for your computer, connected devices, peripherals and software programs including:

PC Tune Up

We’ll evaluate your computer’s performance and then fine tune key areas to improve speed and stability.

Protection Settings

We’ll activate your computer’s security settings to prevent loss of sensitive data and identify theft.

Email Set Up

We’ll set up your email accounts, default settings, and show you how to attach pictures, create personal signatures and more.

PC Set Up

We’ll customise your PC to your needs including text size, display resolution, backgrounds, screensavers and more.

Prevent Ransomeware

Check & install ransomeware protection tools

Printer Set Up

We’ll install or update your printer software and drivers for configuration on a wireless or wired network.

Computer Troubleshooting

We’ll resolve Windows & Mac operating system errors and check for basic hardware conflicts with Windows.

Backup Data

We can help you ensure your backups are running and if not help you fix it.

Green PC

We’ll optimise your power management settings to conserve energy and save money on your electric bills.

Software Installation

We’ll install your software products, including setup of desktop icons, start menu options and shortcuts.

Answer Questions

Give you answers you need quickly and reliably.

Virus & Spyware Removal

Our security expert can remotely access your PC and clean it of all viruses, spyware and any other threats or annoying programs hiding in your PC while you watch their every move, in real time.

Special Offer
World-Class Protection

As part of our remote support customer, you’ll get discounted pricing to purchase and be protected by Kaspersky Internet Security.

You can surf, socialise & shop – on PC & Mac – while Kaspersky Internet Security helps protect you from infections, ransomware, phishing & identity theft.

  • Guards against attacks, ransomware & more
  • Helps keep your private life… private
  • Boosts security when you bank & shop online

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Remote Support
Package Options

Obligation free inspection & diagnosis, we’ll quote you before going ahead with any work. An option for everyone.



Fix all your issues in one session.
Limited to one fix



Serious root-kit infections
Major repair tasks
Fixes that take long time
Data Recovery



You can add the following for each session:
Kaspersky Internet Security
Additional PC Fix

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