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We speak plain English and short drive away located at Gladesville. Our store is packed with parts and accessories for your convenience. With a simple call/e-mail we'll come and visit you at your home or office.

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Most of our products are sourced locally with full Australia wide warranty. We stock leading brands and latest technology at competitive pricing. With a flexible return policy and expert advice you are sure to enjoy your experience with us.

Fast Turn Around Times

Our aim is to fix your product and offer service as quickly as possible. Our network of quality suppliers and contacts ensure fast delivery of parts in a timely manner. We always deliver what we promise.

Leading Technology

Our solutions are up to date and future proof for the life of the product. We're on top of the latest trend and upcoming technologies. Our experts attend regular training events provided by manufacturers and distributors.


We use offline storage to backup your data and is destroyed after use. We value your privacy and we do not share, publish, sell, profit, or distribute any personal information.

Our Process

We identify the fault, why and what caused it and how it could have been avoided. We measure the extent of the damage and determine the best solution to fix it.
We offer multiple quotations in most cases and give you exact time frames, you decide what's best for you. Our quotes are competitive and offer the best solutions and outcomes.
We immediately start working on your quote acceptance and update you on the progress.
All repairs pass our rigorous stress testing process before releasing. Even on site service, we are confident in our solutions that we try to repeat the problem to ensure it doesn't happen again.
Our experts will show you what caused the issues, how it can be avoided and what to do next time if similar issue happens again. You learn what we learn.

Our services extend all over Australia! On site and Off site.

Got computer problems? What are you waiting for? Have it fixed today!

Online Shopping now available! Thousands of products delivered!

Client Say

  • All I can say is, Serkan is our main IT guy at our real estate office. We didn't know what to do when our systems failed or stopped working and it was nice to know that I could call him and he would be here asap or login remotely to fix issues without any fuss.He also set up our small office server for us, which was very much needed because we desperately needed to share files between computers for all our office work and get the printers up and running.
    Eden K.
  • My network went down, 1800 Computers' amazing response time got me a new router and get my business online again. No hesitation in recommending. this is the 4th time I have requested service and have had no issues with time. Most helpfull!
    A Womo User
  • Dell Laptop service and hard disk replacement. Brilliant service, very knowledgeable and easy to deal with. Problem identified quickly and laptop returned within 24 hours. Highly recommended.
    A Womo User
  • Told me what was wrong straight-away and how much it would cost. Fixed it the same day. Affordable price. My computer is working like new.
    Robert L.
  • When my HP laptop battery died I decided to give 1800 computers a go. It took about 5 minutes and Serkan had found a replacement battery and ordered it. It arrived 2 days later and was half the price of anywhere else I had looked. He is very knowledgeable, friendly and very happy to offer advice and answer the questions I had. Plus everything is great value!
    Chris W.
  • Bought a cheapie $400 laptop for my business to do invoices and basic emailing, they've helped me quickly and transferred all my data from my old Toshiba, very good service
    Dorothy M.
  • When my hard drive blew up one weekend my freelance writing business came to a grinding halt. I called Serkan at 10 am on Monday and he replaced the drive and re-installed Windows by 3 pm the same day, all for a very affordable price. He is everything you want in an IT guy: friendly, efficient, knowledgeable and reasonably-priced. I’ll definitely be using 1800 Computers for all my IT needs from now on.
    Charles C.
  • Many thanks for all of your help over many months. Our computers in the office are running smoothly and quickly including the network speeds. Works like a dream. You guys are a Godsend!
    Daniel M.
  • I walked in off the street not having seen Serkan's shop before. He was able to answer some questions about my ailing 4 yr old MacBook Pro, that the Apple Genius bar could not. He very efficiently got things going again & called me a number of times to keep me informed of progress and when he would be out of the shop so as to not inconvenience me by my possibly turning up at a time when he would not be there. Great job, would recommend.
    James F.
  • More reviews at the Testimonial page.

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